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Health Professionals / Services - Physiotherapists

Liaison Therapist (Physio Navigator)

These services support individuals' self management of their health and include a variety of different health programs to suit your needs.more info

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Interior Health
1800 Parkinson Way
, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4P9
Office: (250) 470-0638
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Okanagan Head Shape and Torticollis Clinic

Physiotherapy clinic dedicated to infant head shape (plagiocephaly) and torticollis. Over 25 years experience in Physical therapy with over 11 years dedicated to plagiocephaly and torticollis assessment, treatment, education, teaching and research. Assessment and treatment is not confined to only the head and neck but rather holistic multi system based (musculoskeletal, neurological, vestibular, etc)and includes overall development (gross motor milestones). We also work with any associated conditions including developmental delays. We collaborate with other health care professionals such as pediatricians, physicians, nurses, midwives, orthotists and others to ensure your child receives the best care. Assessment and follow-up also includes cranial measurements and screening for potential helmet necessity. Physiotherapist Lanna Brydges is also employed at Starbright Child Development Centre which allows seamless transition from private to Centre when your child is next on Centre waitlist. more info

Address / Contact Info
Okanagan Head Shape & Torticollis Clinic, Meadowlark Plaza
#201 2000 Enterprise Way
, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9S9
Phone: (778) 363-0343
FAX: (778) 729-0111
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Okanagan Kids Physio

Private physical therapy services for children and youth ages 0-16yrs. Conditions treated include: orthopedic, post surgical, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, downs syndrome, muscular dystrophy, autism, genetic disorders, rare syndromes, cystic fibrosis, arthrogryposis, torticollis, developmental delay, spinal cord injury, TBI (traumatic brain injury), scoliosis, club feet, hip dysplasia, juvenile arthritis, and other neuromuscular disorders.more info

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Phone: (778) 215-2344
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Children function different from adults, so I can provide custom programs based on their distinct needs.Treatments focus on improving independent mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, gross motor skills, cognition and motor planning.
Infant & Toddler Conditions
Physical & Developmental Disabilities
Scoliosis & Alignment
Provides home exercises program.more info

Address / Contact Info
Physio for Kids, Kelowna Physiotherapy Associates
3320 Richter St
, Kelowna, BC, V1W 5J9
Phone: (250) 860-2854